Greece vows not to impose COVID restrictions to travellers from China

时间:2023-02-08 08:35:31 来源:乐道安贫网

Greece has no intention to impose restrictions on travellers from China over COVID-19, Greece's National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced on Saturday.

"Our country will not impose restrictive measures for international movements, in accordance with the recommendations of international organizations and the EU," EODY said in a press release.

The recent surge of infections in China following the easing of COVID-19 response measures does not inspire much concern about the course of the pandemic, as there is currently no evidence that a new variant has emerged, the statement added.

Greek authorities remain vigilant to protect public health, as the European Union (EU) follows closely developments due to the arrivals from China to EU member states once China lifts international travel restrictions in early January, EODY said.